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ICUDDR First Virtual Conference:
Educating and Promoting Addiction Science in a Virtual World

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Join us July 13 – 15th, 2020 for the first official ICUDDR conference online! We are excited to bring experts from around the world to your screen. Because we know many of you are struggling with moving instruction online and making other adjustments to ensure physical distancing, we have also decided to adjust our agenda to provide support for your immediate needs. You will find presentations on technologies and tips for engaging students, how to teach skills in an online format, and how to rise above the noise of COVID-19 to continue your academic program development in Addiction Studies among others. We hope you will be part of this important -and historic – event.

Special thanks to the Asia-Pacific Regional Collaboration Center of ICUDDR and Dr. Prapapun Chucharoen who were to be our hosts for this event prior to the global pandemic. We hope to visit soon!

None of the great work at ICUDDR could be done without the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). INL works to keep Americans safe at home by countering international crime, illegal drugs, and instability abroad. INL helps countries deliver justice and fairness by strengthening their police, courts, and corrections systems. These efforts reduce the amount of crime and illegal drugs reaching U.S. shores. Thank you to INL and their tireless staff!

Everything you need to join us…

Q: Do I need to attend the entire event?
A: You can attend as many of the sessions as you are able and interested in. Registration for each session is separate.

Q: Is there a cost to attend?
A: This event is free.

Q: How do I register?
A: You will register individually for each session you would like to attend. The links are below to do so.

Q: What time zone will the conference be held in?
A: We are working hard to accommodate people from around the world so you will find sessions at different times. Please look for the time zones and if you are unsure, use a converter such as

Q: Will these be just lectures?
A: No! We are excited to say that the sessions will be followed by a discussion where we welcome your participation and would like to learn more about what you are doing and how ICUDDR can help.

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Q: Will there be poster presentations like at your other conferences?
A: Yes, we received great proposals and want to share them with you. Once you register, you will receive a link to the excellent pre-recorded poster sessions. Please comment on them if you have input, feedback, or questions and the esteemed researchers will respond.

ICUDDR Virtual Conference Agenda and Registration

July 13,2020 Theme:Program development Rising above the noise of COVID-19 to continue your academic program development
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link
Panelists will discuss their efforts to maintain and improve ongoing/continuing education for the drug demand reduction workforce in these difficult times. Tho Le Duc, Isabel Melgar 4 AM EDT / 3 PM ICT
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link
Challenges and opportunities with E-learning in Nigeria prior, during, and post Covid-19; UPC Implementation Martin Agwogie, Bolanle Ola,
& Ehigiator Adayonfo
July 14,2020 Theme: Moving to an online teaching format Technologies and tips for engaging students
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link
Teaching to the whole person; E-learning techniques Cary Hopkins Eyles, Susana Henriques 8 AM EDT
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link **This panel is in Spanish**
Remote clinical supervision: A translational perspective Violeta Felix Romero, Silvia Morales Chaine 12:00 PM EDT
Teleworking, mental health and substance use Roberto Canay
Virtual simulation as a tool for training in human resource skills to reduce drug demand Guillermo Alonso, Castaño Perez
July 15,2020 Theme: Ensuring graduates have adequate skills Skill-based training in an online forum
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link
Teaching MET skills virtually; UTC Mentorship curriculum; Practicing UTC skills Igor Koutsenok, Roger Peters, Cary Hopkins Eyles, Xavier Ferrer 10:00 AM EDT
Panel Topics Presenters Time Registration Link ** This panel is in Spanish **
UNED Costa Rica's experience with the Master's Program in the Study of Addictions: Intentionality, design, curriculum and quality for distance higher education in virtual mode Academic training in the Central University of Chile: delivery of remote classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Mario Durán A & Rodrigo Goycolea Martinic 1:00 PM EDT
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