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Vision, Mission, Goals and Plans


ICUDDR envisions a world where people with SUDs and related conditions have access to science-informed prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.


To build and support a global network of universities and colleges to improve professional competencies in the prevention, treatment and applied research of SUDs and related conditions, and to increase access to quality.

To accomplish this, ICUDDR will provide:

Icon of graduation cap Support to expand and improve university and
college-based education and research
Icon of network Networking and collaborative opportunities
Icon of megaphone Advocacy for improved quality and access to services
Icon of magnifying glass on a document Up-to-date science from the field

Our 4 Principal Goals

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Increase the number of Colleges and Universities with addiction studies degrees and/or programs.

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Increase applied research and publication in addiction prevention and treatment.

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More countries will support college and university-level addiction studies programs and a well-trained and certified workforce.

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Our organization will be recognized as an expert organization for college and university-based addictions studies programs and center for the latest scientific information on addictions.


Plans for 2022 - 2023


Provide technical advisory and curriculum assistance for new and existing university level SUD programs in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe to facilitate the training of drug treatment and prevention programs that meet international standards.


Advise on and disseminate applied research available to update and supplement prevention, treatment, and recovery training in conjunction with existing Universal Curriculum and use applied research to support SUD treatment and prevention professionals, organizations, and governments with expertise and advice through international organizations and professional associations.

Support international research efforts among low- and middle-resource countries.


Support the adoption of international standards on treatment and prevention of drug abuse by national and local governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe and the implementation of those standards through technical assistance, mentoring, and training and credentialing of treatment and prevention providers nationally.

Manage and coordinate a network including extensive social media presence to promote scientific and professional exchanges among SUD prevention and treatment studies researchers and professionals.