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Previous Annual Conferences

1st Annual ICUDDR Conference in Honolulu (USA)

In March 2016, the University Education Providers conference was held in Honolulu, Hawaii. A unique initiative was born which has no comparison in addictology education so far. It is the first time when more universities began to talk to others about how to harmonise the education in addictology and how to create a similar model that would in the future enable the creation of a clearly defined profile of education for this new job category. One of the priorities is to strengthen the collaboration of European, American and Asian universities and to create a stable platform not only for education but also science and research.

In April 2016, INL joined with the Colombo Plan and the Organization of American States (OAS) to convene a panel of 20 university representatives from 12 countries in Honolulu, Hawai to discuss how to best adopt the UTC and UPC for university settings. The conversation was far reaching and university leaders, enthusiastic about promoting addiction studies programs, sought greater collaboration through this forum. The group founded the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction, or ICUDDR.

The form of the program was suited for meeting and sharing experiences and visions of universities all over the world. Mr. Brian Morales managed throughout the conference and presented the INL effortsand the context of the meeting. Many valuace discussions took place on the topic of training in addictions field and the potential for UPC and UTC integration to the university system. Experience with UTC and UPC implementation was presented by Malaysian, Thailand and Philippines universities. Dr. Roger Peters and Richard Spoth spoke about the process of becoming an education provider, Dr. Miovsky presented European experience, Dr. Choong the Asian and African perspective and Ms. Hill Latin American perspective. Action plans for the four regions – Asia, Europe, Latin America, US and Canada – were discussed and set.