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Welcome to the ITTC Network

Kim Johnson, Executive Director of ICUDDR

February 2021


I am very pleased to be able to officially announce the creation of the ITTC Network. The International Technology Transfer Centers or ITTCs is a network of universities that use a technology transfer model of addressing the needs for drug demand reduction services in their country or region. Technology transfer is a conceptual model of how research is moved into practice in a deliberate way. Technology transfer is a way of recognizing that training individuals is necessary but insufficient to ensure science- based strategies are adopted in practice.

Activities that universities might conduct in the role of ITTC are needs assessments for government or community entities; developing materials that translate scientific research into training tools, community education materials or other communication methods that make scientific findings understandable to the general public or practitioners; disseminating science, which might include presentations to non-scientific audiences, lifelong training programs, adaptations to academic curricula or other dissemination methods. Finally, working with individuals and organizations to change policy and practice so that the best quality of services can be provided.

ITTC Technology Transfer Model

Technology Transfer Model illustration

For the past four years, ICUDDR has helped universities create and improve their drug demand reduction academic programs. Our member surveys indicate that most of our members provide continuing or life long education even when they don’t have academic programs that are specific to drug demand reduction. Our creation of the ITTC Network recognizes that there are multiple means by which a university can support drug demand reduction in its catchment area .

To learn more about the model, visit the ITTC Network webpage. Or read these articles:

Hosting the ITTC Network is a way for ICUDDR to meet its mission in community engagement and advocacy as well as education and applied research. We are excited to have INL fund five universities to participate in the network. We will work with other universities that are interested in joining the network by providing training and technical assistance in using the model as well as helping to identify sources of funds to support participation. Unfortunately, we need to charge a fee for participation so that we can support the training and mutual support activities to bring ITTCs into the network. This is ICUDDR’s first activity that has a fee attached.

I hope that if you are interested, you will contact us to talk about joining the network. We are happy to work with you to figure out the requirements and ways to cover costs. We expect to start small, with only 10 or fewer members this year. Then we will grow the network in the same way that we have grown the ICUDDR network so that in a few years, we have a global network of universities sharing knowledge and experience in providing technology transfer activities to reduce the burden of alcohol and drug use in their countries.