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Mission and History

The International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) supports the rapid improvement in competencies and skills among current and future generations of addiction professionals to meet the increasing demand for prevention, treatment and public health services. Toward this end, ICUDDR facilitates networking among universities to promote high quality education and training in the field of addiction prevention, treatment and public health interventions. It also pursues related applied addictions research, outreach and advocacy.

ICUDDR supports the formation of academic programs in addiction studies at a time when demand is at an all-time high. Currently, many institutions are establishing addiction specialties in medicine in response to the opioid epidemic. Physicians and other health care professionals could benefit from continuing education in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. The creation of effective academic programs in addiction studies hinges on the awareness that new and enhanced prevention and treatment systems and services require a specialized and multidisciplinary workforce that is educated and trained to deliver them.

ICUDDR CircleOur vision is to facilitate worldwide training and a transformation of the addictions prevention and treatment workforces by harnessing the power of university networks that apply cutting-edge addiction science. ICUDDR intends to help organize a worldwide network of universities working to implement academic programs in addiction studies, and to support applied research, outreach, advocacy, and the dissemination of evidence-based practices in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.

Main Goals

Network Development

Develop a network of universities engaged in the design and implementation of academic curricula and programs in addiction prevention and treatment studies.


Advance applied research in addiction prevention and treatment.


Engage students and addiction professionals in academic and continuing education programs in addiction studies, and promote career opportunities in prevention and treatment

University-Community Outreach

Enhance partnerships among university programs in addiction studies, addiction professionals, and the addiction science research and practice communities.